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Jason "CT EMP Mew2King" Zimmerman is a professional player from Cinnaminson, NJ. Mew2King is one of the worlds leading Smash competitors, and is undoubtedly the best overall player across every game. Jason travels around the world very often, attending tournaments nearly every single weekend. Social media comes natural to Mew2King, as he is active across many networking sites, and continues to draw in big numbers.
Learn to cover all of your options!

Covering Options

Improvement Part 2: In-Depth Smash theory: Covering Options, Guaranteed Moves, Overspacing, and Following your Advantage

These are some of my ultimate theories to Smash Bros. that I have kept secret for 5-6 years, and this is also the way that I play to my personal strengths.

When I fight a computer Fox in melee, or a computer Snake in Brawl, as I beat them up and 0-death them in various ways, I always try to think of “what could a HUMAN do in that situation”…

More specifically, when I beat up level 1/4 Foxes in melee, and level 1 Snakes in brawl, I always consider when the Fox could Forward B back on stage (since they always will recover the same stupid way, I pretend that I’m fighting a human and always prepare to jab/tilt/fair their possible illusion option by PRETENDING they could do it and covering it ANYWAY… I’m crazy), or when the Snake could air dodge my attack (or Fair gimp me after Ally did that to me since Genesis). I make sure to cover the options a human could do. I don’t recommend this strategy because I’m crazy and it’s easier just to play friendlies vs a lot of different people at tournaments to improve but that’s the story of what I did to be honest.

Anyway, I consider these options since a HUMAN could do them (illusion/air dodge), and since I didn’t get to train against humans for the bulk of my Melee and the bulk of my Brawl improvement during my prime in both games (2007[for Marth]/2010[for Meta Knight]).

(Note: never play level 9s; they give you bad habits because of the weird, COMPLETELY UNREALISTIC [compared to a human player] way they are programmed).

When you do an attack, in Melee especially, there is as lot of hitstun. You can do true, inescapable combos in this game. If I get a grab with Marth against Fox on FD, I am GUARANTEED to get at least a 0-80 from center stage no matter WHAT they do if I do not make a mistake, although he can of course make it harder for me with various DI options.
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Super Smash Bros. Melee

Mew2King’s Melee Information and Discoveries

Many years ago while Mew2King was training to become the best player there was, he dissected the game Super Smash Bros. Melee as much as he could. He compiled a legendary collection of information that he observed and tabulated all on his own, even without the aid of any cheating or debug devices. Take a gander in this plethora of information that helped make him the player he is today!

Before I go on with this list, I need to tell you that a FRAME is 1/60 of a second (in this game at least, as are most video games)

—All fully charged smashes lasts for 60 frames, or EXACTLY one second longer than it would normally

—Invincibility (when you come off the ‘respawn cloud’ after each death) lasts for exactly 120 frames (EXACTLY 2 seconds)

—Your Shield (when L/R is held down completely) lasts 215 frames before breaking [on frame 216] which means it breaks in 3.6 seconds (Yoshi’s Egg Shield lasts 1 frame longer than usual)

—Your Shield (when L/R is held lightly or Z is held down) lasts 1,819 frames before breaking [on frame 1820] which means it breaks in 30.333 seconds (Yoshi’s Egg Shield lasts 1 frame longer than usual) so it lasts approximately 8.46 times longer than your normal shield.

—Nana’s reaction time to Popo’s (the two Ice Climbers) movements and actions are EXACTLY 6 frames after Popo (Popo = blue, boy, human, leader Ice Climber), or 0.1 or 1/10 of a second.

—There is a 11 frame (or more depending on your pause-unpause hand speed and timing) lag between the time that you can pause, unpause and then pause the game again.

—There is a 37 frame difference (0.61666 sec) between dying at the front of the stage and in the background (when you get KO’d at the top of the stage)

Here’s some common frames to seconds conversions:

60 frames = 1 second

30 frames = 1/2 second

20 frames = 1/3 second

15 frames = 1/4 second

12 frames = 1/5 second

10 frames = 1/6 second

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