24 Hour Project M Marathon Today To Raise Money for Armada’s Documentary!

The Smash Brothers, aka the “Smash Documentary”, has truly changed our community. This series provides an inside look into our community that is now accessible and loved by everyone. It was re-lit a fire for competition and passion for the game, all thanks to the creator Samox.

In case you didn’t hear – Samox is at it again! This time with a feature film length new episode of the documentary featuring players like Dr. PeePee, Hungrybox, and most importantly – Armada. Samox has ambitions of this film making it to more general distribution methods like Netflix, and is going to be quite the ambitious project! He has a Kickstarter up for the project now which has brought in an astounding $11,000 in just 6 days. Problem is, there’s a lot more to go!

CT ZeRo will be holding a 24 hour Project M based marathon later today on stream starting at 1pm EST. ZeRo will be playing wifi with viewers, taking requests, helping spread knowledge about the game, and more. Additionally, ZeRo will try to get live interviews with those included in the project. You can tune in to CLASH Tournament’s stream to catch the action, and track the time ZeRo has been streaming and the amount of money he’s helped raise for the project!

You can watch the 24 marathon starting at 1pm EST (April 18th) here:
Click here to visit the Kickstarter page for this new episode of the documentary:

Pit Arrow

Project M Talk – Pit (English Version)

Yesterday I gave a general overview in Pit, his combo system and strengths, weaknesses and play style. In this occasion, I will expand on some of the things that I went over and even add more things since I got some solid experience yesterday while playing viewers! So let’s get started.

Mario Match Up

Mario's Fireballs.

Mario’s Fireballs.

In the previous article I mentioned how Pit struggled vs Mario due to his projectile game limiting Pit’s movement. Well, that was the case until fellow Pit player, Archangel, gave me a great piece of advice: Pit’s Neutral Air eats projectiles! Allowing Pit to space forward and not have his movement limited vs Mario is a huge deal in the match up. Yesterday while playing with my stream viewers I had the opportunity to try it in a set a couple times vs a Mario main (Here’s the video) and it was very helpful. I would short hop Neutral Air to go under and behind Mario to corner him as he jumps forward with a Full Hop Fireball -Think of like, swapping positions- or to full hop with it and hit him in the face for it! I still have a lot of things to test in this match up, mainly follow ups. I’m a fan of full hop Down Air after Down Throwing Mario for a more effective follow up game – Pit doesn’t get many follow ups from SH Up Air on Mario from my experience- (That or Full Hop Forward Air to fast fall Down Air + aerial combo). Will add more in other articles as I find out more stuff! Continue reading “Project M Talk – Pit (English Version)” »

Pit Arrow

Charla de Project M – Pit (Versión Español)

Ayer di una reseña general a Pit, su sistema de combos, fortalezas, debilidades y estilo de juego. En esta ocasión expandiré en algunas de las cosas que mencione e incluso agregare algunas nuevas ya que obtuve más experiencia ayer cuando jugué con los espectadores de mi stream. Así que, empecemos!

Match up de Mario

Mario's Fireballs.

Mario’s Fireballs.

En el artículo anterior mencione como a Pit se le dificultaba jugar contra Mario debido a los rápidos -y poderosos- proyectiles de este que limitaban la movilidad de Pit. Bueno, ese era el caso hasta que compañero mainer de Pit, Archangel, me dio un fantástico consejo en este Match Up: El Neutral Air de Pit se come los proyectiles del oponente! Esto le permite a Pit moverse hacia delante con este ataque y no ser arrinconado, permitiéndole a si no tener su movilidad afectada en el match up, lo cual era el problema más grande en este match up para Pit. Ayer cuando jugaba con los espectadores de mi stream, tuve la oportunidad de usar esta táctica contra un Mario main (Aquí el video) un par de veces y esta táctica fue sumamente útil. Lo que hacía era hacer un salto corto con un Neutral Air para pasar por debajo de Mario y quedar detrás de él mientras el saltaba hacia delante con un salto completo sumado de una Bola de Fuego -Así intercambiaba posiciones con el- o haría un salto completo sumado de un Neutral Air para pegarle con este aéreo en la cara a Mario! Aun tengo muchas cosas que probar en este match up, principalmente combos más efectivos y eficientes. Me agradan los resultados que vienen de hacer un salto completo con un Down Air (Después de haber agarrado a Mario y haberlo lanzado hacia abajo con el Down Throw) para combos más efectivos debido a su peso -Ya que según mi experiencia, Pit no saca combos muy efectivos desde un salto corto con Up Air contra Mario- (Eso o Salto Completo con un Forward Air sumado a caer rápido -Fast Fall- con un Down Air al caer desde este salto + combo aéreo). Agregare más cosas en otros artículos a medida que descubro más cosas! Continue reading “Charla de Project M – Pit (Versión Español)” »

Gaming Knights

#SmashTheRecord!! Guinness World Record Marathon

The current world record for longest marathon play of a fighting game stands at 48 hours. The Gaming Knights group of the University of Central Florida (also the Smash organizers at CEO events) are putting together an event to crush this record! The event will feature 72 hours of non-stop action as local power ranked player SS Gahtzu breaks this record, playing for 72 hours in this extreme all-Melee marathon!

The marathon will be streamed and brought to you by CLASH Tournaments, and we have quite the show prepared for you! Along with Gahtzu breaking said record, we will have Mew2King and Mango attending provide professional skill as a spectacle to all viewers, along with local (and top) professional Hungrybox, and other players like Wizzrobe, Plup, Colbol, and more! Professional Melee commentator D1 will be on deck to bring the action to you on the mic!

Be sure to tune in August 22nd through 25th for the record breaking action, with one of the most Melee packed weekends you can possibly imagine! Stay tuned to CLASH Tournaments for more information on this event.

You can also find out about it more on Facebook here:

The stream will be provided on our channel here:

Pit Neutral

Project M Pit – Overview (English Version)

After playing a bit of PM, I quickly realized my favorite character and the one I should main was Pit. His quick aerials, sword hitboxes, fantastic combo game and recovery made him a very entertaining and powerful character to use.  I’ve been toying around with him more, and after a solid placing at SBU 2.5 last weekend where I took 2nd right behind Mew2King, I feel I have a much better understanding of Pit than before. In this article, I’ll go over Pit’s main strategies, some of his bread and butter combos and his strengths and weaknesses. Let’s get started! Continue reading “Project M Pit – Overview (English Version)” »

Pit Neutral

Project M Pit – Reseña (Versión Español)

Después de jugar un poco de Project M, rápidamente me di cuenta que mi personaje favorito y el que debería mainear era Pit. Sus rápidos ataques aéreos, ataques tipo espada, fantástico juego de combos y recuperación lo hacen un personaje muy entretenido y poderoso de usar. He estado probándolo un poco, y luego de un sólido 2do lugar en SBU 2.5 – justo detrás de Mew2King- creo poseer un entendimiento mucho mejor de Pit que antes. En este articulo, mencionare las estrategias generales de Pit, sus combos principales y sus fortalezas y debilidades. Así que, comencemos! Continue reading “Project M Pit – Reseña (Versión Español)” »

Money Brawl!

Money Brawl – Examining Self Improvement

When you’re attempting to improve, many players are often at a loss at what steps to take in moving forward. The goal of this thread is to help players have an objective method in terms of how they determine what steps they ought to take in the name of “getting better”.

As a foundation, there are generally two types of plateaus in skill level that I see in a majority of players. These plateaus exist for the most part regardless of skill. The first one is the self imposed plateau, where a player will repeatedly lose in the same method without making any changes nor having the intent to change. This thread is not for the people that are unwilling to change, and I wish them best of luck in their future brackets (because they’re going to need it!). Continue reading “Money Brawl – Examining Self Improvement” »

Darkrai Yveltal

Pokémon TCG Deck Analysis: Darkrai / Yveltal (and Garbodor)

Hey guys, its Angel again! I’m going to talk to you about a deck that’s been gaining tons of popularity with the release of XY, Darkrai/Yveltal!

Darkrai EX has been good for quiet awhile and with XY Darkrai gets new toys to work with in the form of Yveltal EX and Yveltal XY. If you thought Mewtwo EX was a great attacker, meet its big cousin. Yveltal EX is basically Mewtwo EX, but better! Not only does it have accelerator in the form of dark patch it does 20 + 20 more for each energy attached between defending pokemon instead of 20 x 20! This can add up really quicky with Muscle band and Hypnotoxic Laser. Darkrai also gets another form of energy acceleration in Yveltal XY. For 1 Darkness Energy it does 30 damage and attaches a Darkness Energy from your discard to a benched Pokemon! Continue reading “Pokémon TCG Deck Analysis: Darkrai / Yveltal (and Garbodor)” »

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