Version 1.0.4 Changes in Smash 3DS

The awaited version 1.0.4 is now live for Smash 3DS! We took some time tonight to run a side by side comparison between 1.0.3 and 1.0.4 to see if some of the crazier glitches and exploits have been removed or not.

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No Customs at KTAR XI – But Don’t Freak Out

A big kerfuffle arose last week in the Smash-O-Sphere following a tournament performance by Alex “DaPuffster” Oshrin that can only be described as controversial. DaPuffster took third at that week’s “Smash 4ever” event, most notably knocking Dabuz into the loser’s bracket during Winner’s Semi-finals. He went on to take both his Winner’s finals opponent, Nakat, and his Loser’s finals rematch with Dabuz to game five, and the kicker to it all: He was playing Mii Brawler. Continue reading “No Customs at KTAR XI – But Don’t Freak Out” »


The 20XX Conspiracy

This is a guest article written by Clowsui! Be sure to follow him on Twitter @clowsui and share this.

Throughout its twelve years of competitive history, Super Smash Brothers Melee has drastically transformed. The list of viable characters, initially containing the full 26 included in the game, has now shrunk to roughly a third of that amount (the exact number depends on who you ask). The stage list, previously expansive and varied, has shrunk down to six stages. The stakes have increased, from tournaments in basements and teenagers sponsored by allowances, to convention-sized events and professional players.

Perhaps most interestingly, the game has gone from a slow, blow-by-blow contest to a (mostly) high-octane, high-APM flurry of exchanges. While such a development is owed in part to all of the above factors, it can mostly be attributed to the steady rise of the technical depth of the game. As movement and lag-reduction techniques were discovered and familiarized, the speed and executional difficulty of high-level competition simultaneously rose. The ceiling of these developments is so high, the effort to master them so precipitous, that a popular term to describe mechanical development and perfection has recently risen within the community: “20XX”, the dystopian future that the Megaman X series was set in.

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Who Should Play Who? Characters at the Smash Invitational

Many details on the Smash 4 invitational at E3 dropped today, and we want to hear what some of you think! Outside of CT’s very own Professional Player ZeRo (@CT_ZeRo) getting the invite, we learned who will be competing, what characters we’ll be seeing, and the tournament format. To recap on the topic of this article, there are 16 competitors in the event, and 20 characters to choose from. Drawing from a lottery, each competitor will get one of the 20 characters with no duplicates, and they use that character throughout the entire event. Here are the lists of players and characters:

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“I am excited to play my next opponent”. This is the answer I gave everyone who asked me how I felt about playing Vinnie, Ally, ADHD, and Denti during my road to second place at SKTAR 2. We have all experienced tournament nerves, fears, and all kinds of emotions during competition. For some people, these emotions and feelings can control them, others have the ability to shut them off and pay little to no attention to them. Whether or not they fuel your gameplay or hold you back from clutching out that stressful set, there is a tool that can help you manage or even deal with all these emotions. That helpful tool is none other than mentality. Continue reading “Mentality” »

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